‘Eye of the Storm’ gives you a better understanding about hurricanes, their power and their deadliness

Eye of the Storm is a 12-part video series that focuses on hurricane science, mitigation and preparedness. (Read More)

New video series shares hurricane education

Eye of the Storm is a 12-episode series that focuses on hurricane science, mitigation and preparedness. (Read More)

Hurricane season in a pandemic: what to expect

“We are in a slow onset, slow exit disaster — a global pandemic with national to local impacts,” said Richard Olson, director of the Extreme Events Institute. “Now, entering hurricane season for South…

University uses ‘wall of wind’ to produce life-saving hurricane research

FIU is taking a hands-on approach to ensure research is advanced on how to best build structures to withstand powerful tropical cyclones and the research has real-world applications. (Read More)

Coronavirus could create ‘compound disaster’ in Florida as hurricane season looms

Richard Olson, the Extreme Events Institute director at Florida International University, said the possibility of a major hurricane making landfall during a pandemic creates a “potential compound disaster.” (Read More)

From Disaster Risk Reduction to Policy Studies: Bridging Research Communities

The disaster risk reduction (DRR) research community must demonstrate relevance and connections to the policy studies community in its most inclusive sense and draw in those scholars so that DRR research is more…

Meet Erik Salna, the latest inductee to the Meteorologist Hall of Fame

The Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center has inducted Erik Salna into their Meteorologist Hall of Fame. (Read More)

STEM-Weather Day welcomed 2,300 local students to MMC

The FIU Extreme Events Institute and the FIU College of Engineering and Computing partnered with FIU Athletics to organize a day that welcomed 2,300 elementary and middle school students from 21 Miami-Dade County…

‘Scarier’ Than Hurricane Maria: A Deadly Earthquake Terrifies Puerto Rico

The state of chaos that followed the 2017 storm robbed Puerto Ricans of any belief that their leaders could manage another natural disaster. (Read More)

Why we should consider adding Cat 6 to our hurricane categories

The idea of a Category 6 has already seen some discussion in scientific circles, but it’s time for the scientific community, in cooperation with the media, to lead a much broader public discussion….

‘Wall of Wind’ simulates Category 5 hurricanes, benefiting vulnerable homes

FIU’s ‘Wall of Wind’ is essential to civil engineering, testing structures in realistic wind scenarios. (Read More)

What the ‘Wall of Wind’ Can Tell Us About Super Hurricanes

Introducing the Wall of Wind: a hurricane simulator that helps researchers study the impact of Category 5 storms, which are becoming more severe due to the climate crisis. (Watch Now)

FIU researchers: there’s a ‘window of opportunity’ in the Bahamas for stronger building code enforcement

Extreme Events Institute researchers analyzed results from first post-Dorian survey of Bahamians, find increased public support for safer construction, stricter code enforcement. (Read More)

Hurricane Dorian Batters Bahamas as ‘Catastrophic’ Storm

Aris Papadopoulos, EEI Distinguished Expert in Resilience, quoted by the New York Times regarding Hurricane Dorian. (Read More)

How can we prevent hurricanes causing such devastation?

The FIU NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind advances wind-engineering research to make the built environment more resilient. (Read More)

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