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Building Hurricane-Proof Roofs

FIU’s Dr. Arindam Gan Chowdhury has patented a concrete roofing system that aims to replace the hundreds of individual shingles or barrel tiles, not to mention thousands of nails as well as plywood…


What did it all mean when we fled Hurricane Irma?

Now that the true clean-up in southeast Florida from Hurricane Irma is gathering momentum, it is time to revisit one of the storm’s biggest surprises — mass evacuation — and what it means…


Dr. Ping Zu Receives Faculty Award For Excellence In Research And Creative Activities

FIU honors the achievements of faculty who have excelled in the areas of teaching, research, service, engagement, librarianship, mentoring and advising. (Read More)


Transportation Leaders visit FIU’s Wall of Wind

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao and U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart visit the FIU Wall of Wind. (Read More)


Irma was a teachable moment for Miami-Dade. Have we learned its lessons?

For Miami-Dade, Hurricane Irma may have been but a dry run for the real thing. (Read More)


Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model Estimates Irma’s Damage

The Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model estimates that Hurricane Irma caused $19.4 billion in wind-related losses to Florida residents alone. (Read More)


Dr. Olson Rates Irma Planning and Response

It could have been much, much worse. If the storm had held to the original forecasts for a Florida “east coast” storm at Cat 4 or above, we would have experienced a state-level…


FIU Remembers Hurricane Andrew

FIU commemorates a defining anniversary for South Florida. (PDF)


Hurricane Andrew 25 Years Later, ABC News

On August 24th, 1992, Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 hurricane, devastated south Miami-Dade County. (Read More)

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25 years after Hurricane Andrew: Are we prepared for another Category 5 storm?

Florida International University’s (FIU) 12-fan Wall of Wind experimental facility helps researchers enhance and improve building codes. (Read More)


Public Hurricane Loss Model Re-Certified by Florida

After defending the updated 6.2 Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM) in May in Tallahassee, the wind loss model was re-certified for another two years. (pdf)


IMAX films hurricane-force winds at Wall of Wind

The FIU Wall of Wind (WOW) blasted hurricane-force winds on a scaled down model home, and the result was captured on IMAX film. (Read More)


Wall of Wind Research, CBS4-my33, Friday, June 3rd, 2016

CBS4-my33 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer reports on the capabilities, impacts and research of the FIU Wall of Wind. Video


CFO Jeff Atwater, Wall of Wind, Capitol Update, WFSU, Wednesday, June 1st 2016

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater and his financial team visit the Wall of Wind on the first day of the new hurricane season to encourage Florida residents to be prepared and review their insurance…


Lessons of Past Disasters Helped Mexico Sidestep the Brunt of a Hurricane

The Mexican authorities “learned some hard lessons” from botched or inadequate responses to earlier catastrophes, said Richard Olson, the director of the Extreme Events Institute at Florida International University in Miami. “It looks…

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