Dr. Yi-Cheng TengDr. Yi-Cheng Teng

Research Scientist

Laboratories: Laboratory for Coastal Research

Position Titles:
Laboratory for Coastal Research, Research Scientist

Department / Center: International Hurricane Research Center

Building and Room Number: AHC5-246

University / Organization: Florida International University

Telephone Number: (305) 348-1148


• 2008-2012 Ph.D., Marine Sciences. Dissertation title: Developing an Unstructured Grid Storm Surge Model Coupled with Wind Wave and inland inundation for super-regional Applications. Virginia Institute of Marine Science, The College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA

• 2004-2006 M.S., Hydrological Sciences. Thesis title: Hydrological characteristics of the Feitsui Resrvoir in Northern Taiwan and numerical modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality. Institute of Hydrological Sciences, National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan

• 2000-2004 B.S., Civil Engineering. Department of Harbor and River Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan

Research Interests:
• Storm surge, wind wave-current interaction, and inundation predictions
• Coastal and estuarine physical processes
• Computational geophysical fluid mechanics.
• Numerical modeling of marine biogeochemical cycles in the marginal seas and open oceans.
• Data assimilation

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