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Hurricane Loss Reduction for Residences and Mobile Homes in Florida

The Legislature passed the Bill Williams Residential Safety and Preparedness Act, creating the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (Mitigation Program) in 1999. Located in s. 215.559, F.S., the Mitigation Program receives an annual appropriation…

Hurricane Sandy Flooding

Hurricane Sandy Storm Surge Forecast and Warning Information

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy sparked discussion on the possible need for changes in storm forecast and warning communication. This storm moved from a tropical storm to a hurricane to an extratropical (ET) storm (like…

Wall of Wind Commercial Testing

Wall of Wind Commercial Testing

What is the Wall of Wind? The 12-fan Wall of Wind (WOW) at FIU is the largest and most powerful university research facility of its kind and is capable of simulating a Category…

Project -- Center of Exellence

Center of Excellence

The IHRC received state funding through the Florida Center of Excellence (COE) competition in 2008, based on a proposal to create a Hurricane Damage Mitigation & Product Development Center. The award provides $7.5…

Financial Ability to Withstand Disaster

Financial Ability to Withstand Disaster: Homeowner Insurance Coverage in Coastal Florida

Researchers hope to cover a broad range of questions related to financial preparedness in the event of hurricanes. The ultimate aim is to present findings that speak to financial resilience which local and…

Investigating Socio-economic Impacts

Investigating Socio-economic Impacts of a Recent Hurricane and Understanding Perceptions of Coastal Vulnerability

Rising seas and extreme hydro-meteorological events (e.g., tropical cyclone activities, storm surges and inland flooding events) threaten the status, sustainability, and security of low-lying coastal communities. Eight of the ten costliest hurricanes in…


Understanding and Preparing for Hurricane Storm Surges

As coastal populations grow and decades of increased hurricane activity arrive, the risk of drowning thousands of people living in low-lying areas increases.  Recently, Hurricane Katrina has served as a wakeup call to…

State of the Art Large Scale Testing

State of the Art Large Scale Testing for Wind to Enhance Infrastructure Resiliency and Develop Energy Efficiency Buildings

The IHRC in conjunction with the College of Engineering and Computing are both involved in the phased development of the WoW facility capable of testing structures at full or large scale in a…

Hurricane Loss Model

Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model

The property insurance industry in most countries is competitive, often intensely competitive, and the actuarial models that insurance companies use to estimate losses – and therefore set premiums – are treated as proprietary…

Estimation of Surface Roughness

Estimation of Surface Roughness Using Terrestrial LiDAR Measurements

The major damage from a hurricane to buildings and people in the State of Florida is caused by high wind and storm surges. Buildings, trees, and terrains, and the spatial arrangement of these…


Wall of Wind Research Project

Wall of Wind (WoW) — A collaborative project between International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) and College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) at FIU: Holistic full-scale simulation of hurricane wind forces, turbulences and vortices….

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Dade County E-W Transect

2000 Dade County E-W Transect In March of the 2000, FIU deployed the ALTM 1210 system in Miami-Dade County in order to test the capabilities of the LIDAR system in a variety of…

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An Airborne Laser Topographic Mapping Study of Eastern Broward County, Florida With Applications to Hurricane Storm Surge Hazard

Introduction Accurate topographic information is essential for predicting storm surge damage and flooding. This data is an important component for the construction of evacuation maps based on hurricane storm surge models such as…


Windstorm Simulation Project

Major funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Project Overview The International Hurricane Research Center’s Windstorm Simulation and Modeling Project was funded by the…

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