Hurricanes continue to threaten our cities, our economy and our lives. At the International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC), we are poised to advance solutions and lessen the dangers through advancements in science, technology and product development.

The IHRC is a multi-disciplinary research and education organization focused on a single mission: to reduce hurricane damage and loss of life through more effective mitigation. In 1996 the Florida Board of Regents created the IHRC at Florida International University (FIU) through a public-private partnership between the We Will Rebuild Foundation, (an organization formed to spearhead the rebuilding of Miami-Dade County after Hurricane Andrew), and the University.

As a University entity, the IHRC conducts both basic and applied research. The IHRC research tries to answer fundamental questions in order to reduce the hurricane threat. The Center’s current studies involve such areas as: household mitigation and evacuation; storm hazard and vulnerability mapping, long-term community recovery; and economic loss modeling. In the past, organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA), the Florida Office of Insurance (OIR), and the Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM), have supported these investigations. The IHRC also collaborates actively with the National Hurricane Center (NHC), co-located on the FIU University Park Campus in West Miami-Dade.

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