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Engineers studying damage left behind from Hurricane Ian for lessons we can learn as we rebuild

Dr. Zisis, NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind Researcher, was on the ground shortly after Ian, studying the damage. (Read More)

The big reason Florida insurance companies are failing isn’t just hurricane risk – it’s fraud and lawsuits

Hurricane Ian’s widespread damage is another disaster for Florida’s already shaky insurance industry. (Read More)

How did Hurricane Ian compare to Hurricane Andrew?

Both were devastating, but both were different. (Read More)

How prepared are Central American and Caribbean countries to face the height of hurricane season?

In recent years, hurricanes have devastated some parts of Central America and the Caribbean, destroying homes and livelihoods, and pushing many to migrate. (PDF)

30 years later: Hurricane Andrew’s legacy

Thirty years ago today, Hurricane Andrew came ashore in South Miami-Dade, leaving unprecedented destruction and many lessons in its wake. (Read More)

Professor researches destructive thunderstorms by simulating winds at FIU

Dr. Elawady is using the NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind at FIU to research how high-intensity winds from downbursts affect low-rise residential buildings. (Read More)

NHERI at Florida International University Takes Center Stage at the Eye of the Storm Event

The annual educational event prepares the South Florida community for hurricane season. (Read More)

FIU Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge Inspires Next generation of Engineers

Teams of high school students are challenged to develop innovative wind mitigation concepts and solutions in the Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge. (Read More)

New lab to simulate 200 mph hurricanes in quest to make storm-resistant homes

To prepare for extreme weather, Florida International University plans to simulate some of the world’s most catastrophic storms. (Read More)

Head of NSF’s Directorate of Engineering discusses diversity and research at FIU

Listening, learning and wanting to serve, Susan Margulies, head of the National Science Foundation’s Directorate of Engineering, led a discussion at the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) about diversity and inclusion in…

FEMA announces national initiative to modernize building codes at FIU Wall of Wind

With FIU’s Wall of Wind as a backdrop, FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell announced a new initiative by the Biden-Harris administration to modernize building codes, improve climate resilience and reduce energy costs. (Read More)

The Wall of Wind can blow away buildings at Category 5 hurricane strength to help engineers design safer homes – but even that isn’t powerful enough

Ten years of research here have helped builders and designers reduce the risk of damage. That’s helpful when forecasters warn, as they do for 2022, of a busy hurricane season with several major…

FIU and USAID sign historic agreement to increase jobs, internships and research opportunities for students

FIU and USAID sign historic agreement to increase jobs, internships and research opportunities for students. Extreme Events Institute’s Juan Pablo Sarmiento and Meenakshi Jerath also briefed Samantha Power, administrator for the U.S. Agency…

FIU to build new wind & surge testing facility

FIU was recently awarded a grant to build a new facility that could also simulate storm surge. Dr. Ioannis Zisis, Co-Director, Laboratory for Wind Engineering Research, Extreme Events Institute, explains what the facility…

Florida university to design ‘Category 6’ hurricane wind and surge simulator

FIU was the recipient a four-year, $12.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation to design a facility that will subject makeshift homes and other structures to winds of 200 mph and a…

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