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The ocean is rising — and so is Miami’s skyline

The NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind at Florida International University in Miami is meant to blow back buildings. Inside the world’s most powerful hurricane simulator, scientists test structures, from scale models to full-size replicas….

Construction standards in an era of increasing natural disasters: FIU leads the conversation

FIU is steering the nation’s infrastructure agenda through critical research and advocacy. Recently, government officials, students, and faculty experts, including Dr. Arindam Gan Chowdhury, NHERI Wall of Wind Director, gathered in Washington, D.C.,…

Wall of Wind challenge is launching pad for high school students, hub for alumni

Local high school students got a taste of the work engineers do to ensure safety and create rooftops that will resist hurricane-force winds. (Read More)

‘Wall of Wind’ tests rooftops to see if structures can withstand hurricane-force winds

FOX Weather multimedia journalist Brandy Campbell show Florida high school teams test rooftop designs for the ‘Wall of Wind’ challenge.

Researchers discussed their work as part of Aspen Ideas climate conference

FIU researchers discussed their work and showcased various projects during excursions for attendees of the recent Aspen Ideas: Climate conference, which was hosted by the prestigious Aspen Institute in collaboration with the City…

Hurricane Simulation Lab: the Wall of Wind at FIU Miami

PBS series HomeDiagnosisTV features the NHERI-FIU Wall of Wind.

Reducing wind damage is the focus of the partnership between top U.S. companies, FIU, Texas Tech and Florida Tech

Dr. Zisis, NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind Researcher, talks about the Center for Wind Hazard and Infrastructure Performance (WHIP-C). (Read More)

Engineers studying damage left behind from Hurricane Ian for lessons we can learn as we rebuild

Dr. Zisis, NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind Researcher, was on the ground shortly after Ian, studying the damage. (Read More)

The big reason Florida insurance companies are failing isn’t just hurricane risk – it’s fraud and lawsuits

Hurricane Ian’s widespread damage is another disaster for Florida’s already shaky insurance industry. (Read More)

How did Hurricane Ian compare to Hurricane Andrew?

Both were devastating, but both were different. (Read More)

How prepared are Central American and Caribbean countries to face the height of hurricane season?

In recent years, hurricanes have devastated some parts of Central America and the Caribbean, destroying homes and livelihoods, and pushing many to migrate. (PDF)

30 years later: Hurricane Andrew’s legacy

Thirty years ago today, Hurricane Andrew came ashore in South Miami-Dade, leaving unprecedented destruction and many lessons in its wake. (Read More)

Professor researches destructive thunderstorms by simulating winds at FIU

Dr. Elawady is using the NSF-NHERI Wall of Wind at FIU to research how high-intensity winds from downbursts affect low-rise residential buildings. (Read More)

NHERI at Florida International University Takes Center Stage at the Eye of the Storm Event

The annual educational event prepares the South Florida community for hurricane season. (Read More)

FIU Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge Inspires Next generation of Engineers

Teams of high school students are challenged to develop innovative wind mitigation concepts and solutions in the Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge. (Read More)

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