Dr. Keqi ZhangDr. Keqi Zhang


Laboratories: Laboratory for Coastal Research

Position Titles:
Laboratory for Coastal Research, Director

Department / Center: International Hurricane Research Center

Building and Room Number: AHC5-245

University / Organization: Florida International University

Telephone Number: (305) 348-8368

Web site: https://case.fiu.edu/about/directory/people/zhangk.html



  • Ph.D. University of Maryland, 1998

Research Interests:

  • Development of algorithms to automatically identify ground and non-ground points and to extract three-dimensional shapes of buildings and trees from LiDAR measurements
  • Development of Coastal and Estuarine Storm Tide (CEST) model for depicting hurricane evacuation zones and real-time surge forecasting
  • Development of georeferenced, three-dimensional, visualization and animation platforms for hurricane-induced flooding and wind damage
  • Examination of long-term trend and interdecadal variations in the number and severity of coastal storms using water level records from tide gauges
  • Analysis of long-term and storm-induced beach erosion using shoreline position data from LiDAR measurements, GPS surveys, aerial photographs, and historical T-Sheets
  • Analysis of the inundation processes of storm surge and sea level rise and their impacts on real property and population
  • Estimation of the surface roughness using remote sensing data
  • Examination of the interaction between storm surge, wave, and vegetation

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