HLMP Year 02

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In keeping with its mision as the SUS Type I Center dedicated to hurricane research, the IHC has assembled a multidiciplinary research and support team that includes research4ers and assistants from the following SUS member universities: a) Florida International University (FIU), b) Florida Atlantic University (FAU), c) Florida State University (FSU), d) University of Florida (UFL), and e) University of South Florida (USF).

In addition the IHC will use the expertise of researchers within its own core including: a) th eLaboratory for Coastal Research and b) the Laboratory for Social and Behavioral Research.

The work of these IHC and SUS researchers will be complemented by suport from experts, in specific fields related to hurricane mitigation and mobile home, from outside the SUS community.


Research Agenda:

In consultation with the Advisory Council, research in the following three areas is being conducted:

  1. Eliminating state and local barriers to upgrading mobile homes and communities.
  2. Research and develop a program for the recycling of existing older mobile homes.
  3. Programs of research and development relating to hurricane loss reduction devices and techniques for site-built residencies.

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